August 1, 2015

Our wedding at Buffalo Trace Distillery

Our wedding at Buffalo Trace Distillery

Traci and I were married on July 17, 2015. Below, I'll share some details from the wedding day and some of our favorite photos1 from the event.

Everyone wanted to party 🎉

We originally planned to go out of the country and get married abroad; however, we realized that we should have an event near Louisville so that we would be able to celebrate with our family and friends. We were "strongly encouraged" to have a formal reception, so we compromised and decided on Buffalo Trace Distillery in Frankfort, Kentucky.

The forecast for the week leading up to the wedding was dreary to say the least, but we had our fingers crossed the weather would at least hold up until after the outdoor ceremony. The day of the wedding came, and the weather was spectacular. It was a partly-cloudy day, which is perfect for photos, and the only complaint was the humid heatwave that rolled through two hours before the wedding. Those aren't tears in our photos; it's probably just sweat!

The ceremony went off without a hitch, and the reception was a blast! A good portion of our guests arranged to stay the night at a local hotel so the party continued on well after the reception was over.

Our favorite photos

1. Photos taken by Lang Thomas Photography

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