Adam DeHaven

About Adam

Adam DeHaven is a full-stack web engineer, user experience designer, and developer experience advocate based in Louisville, Kentucky.

He is very active in the Vue community, and has decades of experience building pixel-perfect, interactive, and easy-to-use applications based on user-first experiences.

Adam is an advocate for his fellow developers and puts developer experience at the forefront of all architectures; if no one likes using what you build, they will find a way not to.

Current Role

Adam is a Staff Engineer at Kong specializing in frontend architectures, component libraries, design systems, user experience patterns, and the overall developer experience.


Over the years, I've spoken at several conferences and meetups, and I look forward to speaking more in the future. If interested, reach out on twitter @adamdehaven.


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    Staff Software Engineer
    Kong Inc.
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    Senior Software Engineer
    Kong Inc.
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    Senior Application Architect
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    Senior Software Engineer
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    Full-Stack Developer & UX Designer
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    UX Designer & Developer
    Kindred Healthcare
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    Developer & Marketing Strategist